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Five Important Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage doors and the safety hazard they can pose are sometimes taken for granted in Calgary homes. As a large and heavy moving object, a garage door has the potential to cause great injury if used or interacted with improperly. Thankfully, it's easy to stay safe by following a few simple precautions.

The Calgary garage door repair and maintenance experts at General Door Services have some important garage door safety tips that can help keep you and your family safe.

1) Never try to beat the door 

Even though most modern garage doors have a sensor, you should still never try to beat the door as it is closing. Pausing for a short while to wait for the door to reopen is very much worth avoiding the risk of having the door come down and injure you.

2) Do not encourage play around the door

If you have children, then you should likewise impress upon them the importance of never trying to race the door and never playing around it either. Make sure that your children know the garage door is not a toy and should always be given a wide berth when it is in operation.

3) Do not encourage play with the remote controls

You should also not encourage your children to use the garage door remote control in your car or the mounted remote on your garage wall as toys. The wall button should be mounted high enough to be well out of reach of small children.

4) Familiarize yourself with the safety features

Modern garage doors come with great safety features, but these features won't mean much if you don't know how to use them. Familiarize yourself with your garage door's owner's manual and take particular note of how to use features such as the emergency release.

5) Inspect your garage door regularly

One of the most important parts of garage door maintenance in Calgary is to perform a regular inspection for signs that your door needs to be repaired. At least once a month you should check for signs of wear and tear to your garage door's rollers, pulley's, cables, and springs. Pay attention to how your door moves and sounds as well. If its movements have become jerky and if it has become significantly louder, then something may not be operating correctly.

Garage Door Maintenance and Repair in Calgary

If you notice that your garage door is looking, acting, or sounding differently, then it's not worth it to take the chance and simply hope that nothing bad happens. You'll want to have it inspected by a trained professional who can let you know if there's nothing to worry about, or if you need to have your door repaired or replaced.

The Calgary garage door repair pros at General Door Services can provide regular maintenance, quality repairs, and garage door installation services. Don't hesitate to give General Door Services a call or an email if you have any concerns about the safety of your garage door.

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Use deadbolts or fingerprint door locks on the garage door to secure it or call a locksmith to know more about how to secure your garage door.


Don't forget to install security systems also as it's essential for your garage safety. A locksmith can provide you the support through which one can have the best garage door security.

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