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The Carriage House Doors Calgary Prefers

Carriage houses, now used as detached garages or as homes, were once used to store – you guessed it! – carriages. One protected one’s carriage from the elements in the host’s carriage house (or coach house) for the duration of the visit. Back in those days, long before garage doors were automated, carriage house doors in Calgary featured swing-out designs fashioned from old-style mortise-and-tenon joinery. Pets or children caught unawares were in danger of being swept aside by a suddenly opening door.


These days, carriage houses are used as storage for a multitude of items, from snowmobiles to trucks to lawn mowers and sometimes even relatives one wishes to “store” away from the estate’s main house. While some carriage house doors are manufactured to appear like the swing-out doors of bygone years, our carriage house doors actually are one-piece overhead doors with a bit more of a fanciful design than the run-of-the-mill overhead garage door.


Distinctive Designs for Carriage House Doors in Calgary

General Door Services’ real wood carriage house doors offer you the ability to customize the design and add intricate details that simply aren’t available with high-production products. Wooden carriage house doors are so attractive that studies have shown that they can actually increase the value of your home!


You’ll find in our voluminous showroom many design choices, window options and decorative hardware elements to choose from to make your carriage house doors in Calgary one-of-a-kind. Do you desire an elegant look? Shop for distinguished door designs in our showroom. Would a rustic appearance fit the design of your carriage house more closely? We carry an old-style design from Equal Door Industries (our parent company) with an arched look at the top edge. Our Amarr Carriage Court model features a barn door design that whispers of British country estates of days gone by, when a horse or two might be housed in the same building as the carriages.


Making Your Carriage House Doors Last

Like all of our doors, our carriage house doors are durable and fabricated from the highest-quality materials our manufacturers can find. You can select either insulated or non-insulated carriage house doors. When properly maintained, these models can last up to 20 years. General Door Services has the trained technicians to come to your site and install any carriage doors you choose. We’ll also visit from time to time, at your request, to maintain your carriage doors for a longer life – lubricating, balancing and replacing parts as needed. We’ll arrive at your home promptly to take care of any repairs you need made to your carriage house doors or automatic openers, no matter what type you have. Remember, all General Door Service products carry excellent warranties for your peace of mind.


See Our Carriage House Doors in Calgary

When you’re ready to shop for carriage house doors in Calgary, be sure to visit General Door Services’ showroom, which is the largest overhead door showroom in the city. No matter what style and group of functions you need, we’re likely to have them. If you have any questions about carriage house doors or any other overhead doors, please give us a call today.


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