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Find Fire-Rated Industrial Rolling Steel Doors for Calgary

Sometimes called steel-curtain roll-up doors, industrial rolling steel doors are Calgary and surrounding areas’ choice more and more often nowadays. These doors are prized for their durability and security. Their ability to slide up vertically into a roll at the top of the door opening, instead of running along tracks, makes them easy and quick to operate. Gear-driven tensioning brackets allow for this function.


These doors are favoured for many high-security applications such as the self-storage industry, airports, prisons and manufacturing facilities because they are long-lasting, require few repairs and are typically more secure than other types of overhead doors. Rolling doors are available in regular overhead door sizes and smaller sizes to be used as security shutters for countertop applications. They can be purchased in versions that are insulated, can be powder-coat painted and are often motorized.


Why Buy Industrial Rolling Steel Doors? Calgary Responds

General Door Services customers have told us they like the extra security afforded by industrial rolling steel doors. Calgary appreciates that this reasonably inexpensive and yet very sturdy product is available in a "fire-rated" version, which allows for automatic closure to stop fire from spreading. Here’s how this feature works: fusible links designed to melt during a fire will cause the doors to close automatically in order to keep fire contained in one part of the structure.


You can expect your industrial rolling steel door to last for 30 years or more! Why? These doors are tough enough to withstand the most extreme weather conditions – even salty seaside climates – as well as the constant wear and tear of heavy daily usage. You’ll never have to worry about the warping, cracking or rotting wooden doors can succumb to, and we coat our rolling steel doors in high-quality primers and paints that resist scratching and chipping. Also, you can count on General Door Services to install and affordably maintain your rolling steel doors for optimal durability and safety.


Our customers also appreciate that our wind-certified industrial rolling steel doors have been tested in accordance with International Building Codes to comply with insurance regulations. Whether you have to contend with tornadoes, high winds or hurricanes, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your door can withstand the force – and if not, your insurance is likely to replace it. Of course, it’s always a good idea to check with your local and national building codes to see if wind-certified doors are necessary or recommended for your area. Either way, you can trust General Door Services’ overhead doors to need minimal maintenance and to withstand the toughest elements.


Contact Us for More Information

Join the many area industrial facilities that depend on General Door Services to supply the industrial rolling steel doors Calgary insists on for maximum protection, longstanding durability, low maintenance and affordability. Come see our showroom – the largest in the city! – and check out the many different styles and features of rolling doors, from very large styles appropriate for an airport to small, counter-top versions perfect for snack bars. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Call us today!

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