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Purchasing a new garage door and having it professionally installed represents a major financial investment; doesn’t it make sense to keep it in good operating condition so that it performs reliably when it is needed? 


When your garage door breaks down unexpectedly, it can be a huge inconvenience. It effectively leaves you stranded while you wait for a repair technician to arrive. Having a regularly scheduled maintenance schedule in place will not only increase the life span of your garage or overhead door in Calgary, it will also allow our technicians to replace parts that are worn or damaged before they can cause a catastrophic failure of the entire door and/or opener. 


How Often Is Garage Door Maintenance Required?

Though garage doors are fairly maintenance free, they do require some small maintenance routines to keep them working properly. If your door seems to be working well, having an inspection and routine maintenance tasks performed every two years is often enough to ensure the door stays in good working order. During these maintenance services the door is inspected and tested and any necessary lubrication and adjustments are completed.


Our Process

Upon arrival the service tech will do a visual inspection of the door cables, rollers, hinges and springs. If any of these items or broken or in disrepair they would be replaced with new quality parts. All the moving components will be lubricated, checked for tightness, and the door will be run manually to ensure smooth and quiet operation. The opener will then be checked to make sure the belt or chain rail is tightened correctly. The opener will then be run several times. During this testing the photo eyes will be tested to make sure they function correctly. The opener is then reconnected to the door and the whole assembly is tested to make sure the force adjustment allows the opener to stop and reverse when meeting an obstruction. A routine maintenance call can usually be completed in one hour. 


Commercial Overhead Doors

If you own or operate a commercial business property with overhead doors, it may be to your advantage to arrange a preventative maintenance schedule with us. Our garage door specialists will test and inspect your doors at scheduled intervals to provide any needed lubrication, adjustments or repairs to prevent the occurrence of inconvenient and costly breakdowns when you least expect them. Be sure to ask about our discounted service rates for regularly scheduled maintenance plans.


You can trust the experts at General Door Services for reliable Calgary garage door maintenance that will keep your garage or overhead door operating reliably and efficiently for years to come. Call us today to schedule your service appointment.

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