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Get the Versatile Aluminum Doors Calgary Businesses Choose

Why do car washes, auto dealerships, repair shops, and restaurants so often choose General Door Services’ aluminum doors in Calgary? For one thing, they’re attractive, admitting outside light and extending an inviting look to those who visit your business. Once inside, your customers won’t feel claustrophobic or apt to trip over things in the dark. Also, nothing shows off your inventory like a classy, tinted overhead door (car dealers, are you paying attention?). If you want the light but prefer not to put your mechanics on display as they work on vehicles, you can also opt for the privacy-protecting option: glazed glass in a pleasant colour. Best of all, there’s plenty of room to admit cars, trucks and deliveries without having to prop open doors.


More Benefits of Aluminum Overhead Doors

Aluminum doors are very resistant to corrosion, are lightweight, can be anodized or painted to any colour, and offer panel and glazing choices that are superior to other door types. Because of aluminum’s light weight, less stress is placed on individual hardware parts such as springs and openers, so they’re likely to last longer. Nervous about putting fragile glass in your aluminum overhead door? We at General Door Services can incorporate a vast array of glazing materials, such as impact-resistant polycarbonate or insulated tempered glass. Let us custom-tailor your aluminum door or doors to meet your specific needs.


The Attractive Aluminum Doors Calgary Prefers

Overhead doors in Calgary constructed of extruded aluminum components don’t have to be ugly. At General Door Services, we can put glass in your aluminum doors for a welcoming, open appearance that lets plenty of natural light stream into your space. In addition, the sturdy and lightweight frames can support glazing from top to bottom to coat the surface and avoid worker injury from hot metal doors. Take a look at the aluminum doors Calgary businesses love and see why we’ve become southern Alberta’s choice for overhead doors.


The 3 Hardware Components to Consider

Aluminum doors are virtually maintenance-free and can last for several decades. You’ll save money and downtime when you purchase an aluminum overhead door due to its durability. Our sturdy aluminum frames ensure that your door will perform perfectly for years to come. You’ll be able to see the quality General Door Services offers when you look at the following hardware components:

  • Powder-coated tracks – ensure that the paint lasts longer

  • Durable hinges – to withstand repetitive use without breakage

  • Sturdy springs - to keep parts moving smoothly for years to come


When you see that these hardware details have been carefully considered, you know you’re looking at a high-quality aluminum overhead door that will stand the test of time. When you do decide that it’s time to replace your aluminum garage door, you can rest assured that aluminum is recyclable, so your old door won’t take up space on a trash heap somewhere. Aluminum overhead doors are eco-friendly!


Call Now

If you’ve decided that an aluminum overhead door is the perfect option for your business, give us a call at General Door Services in Calgary. We’ll examine your specifications and get started on your door(s) right away.

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