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What to Expect during a Garage Door Inspection

A garage door typically sees a lot of use. You need your garage door to be in good shape, both for convenience and for the safety of your household. Although it is important to keep a close eye on the condition of your door, you should also schedule regular inspections.

You might see plenty of DIY tips on garage door inspection and maintenance. However, only an expert is qualified to determine the true state of your garage door. Similarly, you should only trust an expert to perform garage door maintenance tasks. During a periodic inspection, a professional from General Door Services will examine the various components of your overhead door. If anything needs to be repaired or replaced, one of our team members will address the issue in a timely and efficient manner. 

Areas Covered During a Garage Door Inspection These are some of the major areas that one of our garage door technicians will examine during an inspection:

  • Release Mechanism – The release mechanism of your garage door should be inspected. Our expert will check whether the emergency release function is working properly. If this mechanism is not operating as it should, it could trap or injure a child or animal.

  • Lift Cables – Garage doors are equipped with aircraft type cables that lift that roll up on cable drums. These cables are what the torsion springs use to lift the door to an open position and allow it to safely roll shut again. These cables should be inspected regularly for damage. A broken cable can lead to a catastrophic failure

  • Springs – It is also important to test the springs themselves. Although safety cables serve as an added safety measure, old or worn springs should be replaced. 

  • Lubrication – Our inspector will check moving components to see if they need to be lubricated. Keeping these parts lubricated will ensure their functionality, as well as further their longevity. 

  • Drive Mechanism – Our technician will also examine the drive mechanism. This should always be working well, and it might also require lubrication. 

  • Tightness – Other parts, such as nuts and bolts, must be firmly in place. This is another area that should be covered during an inspection. 

  • Openers – Examining your openers is also essential. The opener on your wall should be at least five feet from the ground, so children cannot access it. The remote devices should also remain out of reach of the little ones. All of the openers should be tested for functionality.  

Your garage door must work well at all times. If it is not working properly, it could pose a risk for your household. Do not try to inspect your garage door without assistance. Doing so could result in a tragic and preventable accident.

The professionals at General Door Services are qualified to inspect your overhead door. This kind of maintenance is crucial. It gives us a chance to identify problems and potential issues. We are the leaders in garage door repair and replacement in the Calgary area.

Contact us to schedule an inspection and garage door maintenance. Give us a call at 403-720-2012. Also feel free to complete our easy online contact form.

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