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Choosing the Perfect Garage Door for Your Home

Garage doors were once considered the ugly stepchild of house design. No more!

Because it is typically a house's largest visible surface, neglecting your garage door will overshadow all your other efforts to increase the curb appeal of your home.

Finding that perfect new garage door is easier than you might think and offers untold advantages, including increased energy efficiency, less noise, more safety, higher security and great looks.

Follow these four easy steps and you will be well on your way to finding the perfect garage door for your home:

1. Select the right material for your lifestyle and budget:

  • Steel is the most popular material with a huge selection of styles, colours and finishes for all budgets. Low maintenance and durable.

  • Wood is the warmest and most luxurious. Requires regular maintenance but less prone to dents than metal doors. Will not rust.

  • Aluminum is virtually rustproof and maintenance-free.

  • Vinyl with overlay or wood veneer is relatively new on the market so fewer design choices available. More resistant to dents and the elements than wood and metal but may crack if hit hard. Rustproof.

2. Choose the perfect style and design to maximize curb appeal:

  • The raised or recessed panels of the Traditional style suits most house styles

  • Carriage house style doors look like swinging stable doors but with modern overhead opening functionality. Ideal for larger Victorian, Georgian or Colonial homes.

  • Contemporary styling offers the most freedom in design and allows you to make a statement with your modern-styled home

  • Select the design that matches the home's architecture. Your garage door should accentuate your home's character. The near limitless choices in types and number of panels, window glass and hardware make it all possible.

3. Select the right colour, which should allow the door to blend into the facade and complement your home's palette.

4. Choose the construction and performance features of your new garage door. Things to consider are energy efficiency, quietness of operation, sound insulation, type of hardware and safety features to avoid pinching and the door falling. Security is also a consideration—a keypad to allow key-less entry, for example, or choosing handle-less doors or a remote control with easily changeable frequencies to deter thieves.

Looking for a garage door in Calgary? We've got you covered at General Door Services. We've been providing sales, service and maintenance of overhead doors in Calgary for 20 years. Remember, the installation of garage doors in Calgary is not a regulated profession, so hire a pro you can trust to do the job right! At General Door Services our technicians are highly experienced and our products are backed by top manufacturers’ warranties. Give us a call at 403-720-2012.

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