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Caution! Garage Door Repair is Not a DIY Job

Some things lend themselves well to a DIY solution. Refurbishing that beat-up old dresser? Yup. Patch a hole in the wall? Absolutely. But that broken garage door? Not so much. Don’t be deceived. Your garage door isn’t the simple device it appears to be. The fact of the matter is that modern garage doors are intricate pieces of machinery composed of a complex arrangement of interconnected parts. You stand to do more harm than good when you start poking around its various components. What’s more is you could seriously injure either yourself or someone else. That’s why overhead garage door repair in Calgary is best left to the trained technicians at General Door Services.

The 3 Most Potentially Dangerous Repairs to Tackle

In no circumstance should a novice attempt any of the below repairs on their own. Even a more experienced handyman should leave these particular garage door repairs to a qualified Calgary technician.

Jumped lift cables: Why the cables came off in the first place can be part and parcel of a greater problem. Track alignment may be off, or key parts may need adjustment or replacement. Though the cable can be placed back on its track with skill and effort, it’s often not the straightforward task it seems to be. Furthermore, due to the interrelation of the cables to other key components, this repair job can quickly escalate into a rather hazardous scenario.

Replacement of bottom rollers: Middle rollers aren’t a problem, top rollers can be tricky, but the bottom rollers are downright dangerous to replace. The risk is due to the fact that bottom rollers are attached to the torsion spring, the mechanism that opens and closes the door.

Broken torsion springs: These are the most dangerous components on overhead doors to attempt to fix. They support the full weight of the door and a faulty repair or a wrong move can result in a serious—or potentially lethal—injury. They are also tricky to manoeuvre and require more than one person to repair. If you have an issue with one of the spring mechanisms, or think you might, it’s best to deal with the problem ASAP by calling in Calgary’s garage door repair experts.

Trust Complicated Repairs to the Pros

At General Door Services, garage doors are what we do best. We’ve been outfitting Calgary homes and businesses with repair and replacement services for the last 20 years. Call us today if you need a garage door repair or keep our number handy in the event that you do.

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Karl Vick
Karl Vick
06 mrt.

Huge thanks to Residential Locksmith company for their expertise in repairing our garage door lock. The locksmith was knowledgeable and courteous, and the repair was done efficiently. I will use them again for any lock-related issues.


Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
23 mrt. 2023

If your door lock is not working properly and wants to replace it, always hire Locksmith Oakville experts because they have skilled staff, who do their job properly without wasting time.


I agree with you that's the reason i took help from a locksmith company to repair the garage door opener. That job was difficult to perform DIY.

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